Hi, there! I'm
Joy Almeida
Full Stack Dev
About Me

Working as a BA3 Graduate Analyst at Barclays

I'm all about that adrenaline rush in hackathons, diving into real-world challenges with gusto. AI and Blockchain? They're my passions, fueling my drive to explore their endless possibilities.

Outside of tech, I am a tea lover and I love playing chess.


Rush Estimator

An application that can estimate the rush for a cafeteria using various deep learning techniques, with features like footfall analysis, revenue prediction and inventory management.


The aim of this application is to help farmers improve thier yeild by suggesting the best-suited crop to grow, recommend the best fertilizers given the proper environment and Find Disease caught by your plant.


A mobile application built using MVP architecture in Flutter which leverages the power of image processing, and deep learning techniques to identify and describe the current scene through the camera and inform it to the user by audio cues.


A hackathon project aimed is to assist a programmer by bringing all the important tools like contest updates, tech news updates, StackOverflow, regex templates, whiteboard, and much more all in one place.


Reach is a virtually free to use and ideal application for Video Calling. There are no fees to sign up, and no data plan allowances to worry about. Reach will help you to be in touch with your friends and family.

City Waste Management

A hackathon project aimed to provide a simple mechanism to citizens which will allow them to directly file a complaint to a particular garbage collection authority, thus reducing the communication gap between people and government authorities.